Thursday, January 5, 2017

Men's Opal Jewelry !!

More and more orders for  'men's opal jewelry' !!

How do we take orders from you ?!?

Please find below link and follow the instruction 

Find your favorite opal loose stone or loose stones and contact us by filling up the 'contact corm'.

Write as much details and/or make inquiry before 
proceeding so that we can help creating exactly 
what you're looking for.   

We can draw up some designs to suit your taste, 
your budget and your need, providing with exact measurements, material details and more.

Give us a chance and you'll be able to 
see the difference !!

When the design's been decided, we then consult with our jeweler to finalize all ... 

The payment will be confirmed and we'll take enough time (about one month) to complete your special order.

Good thing takes time.

Once it's done properly, your opal jewelry will be 
treasured lifetime, guaranteed !!!


Happy New Year !!


May this lovely gem brings you all happiness !!!!!

xxxx   Malayvone

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