Wednesday, February 24, 2016

No repeat beauty - Australian Opal !!



SOLD !!!

Many interesting opals showing here is what 
we have introduced through online 
and at the event ... 

and have SOLD !!!

Some opal rocks were super 'heavy' !!

Some just 'top value' 


Some 'extremely tiny and unique' ...


Regardless of how our opal looks, 
they were each individually 'precious' and 'pretty' to us, 
and they're SOLD to the right place.

So far, so happy for our babies.

Opal is amazing, it gives you special joy which other gemstones can not offer ...

Opal is unpredictable for its hidden beauty and 
non-stop, changing characters ...

Opal is truly 'one and only'

Many opal lovers just want to keep it to themselves, 
some is happy to make a beautiful opal jewelry 
and hand it over to their loved ones ...

Our collection from Down Under  -  Australia

is not just any opal, it's the best quality opal in the world (if bright & natural like our collection) !!!!

How can you not loving this gem ?! 

OOOoooooppps !!!

Just one more we can offer today.

Will be SOLD if you're not quick enough (haha) !!!!!?

Hope you like this black opal specimen, 
currently offering for only 

It's 405ct !!

Solid black opal found at 
Lightning Ridge, NSW, 

All details guaranteed  

xxxx     Malayvone