Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Call me whatever you like ...

Australian opal designer ??!!? 
A refugee from Laos ??!!??

An Asian girl, who likes to run around and enjoy seeing beautiful gems ... or what ??!!?

Truly an opal lover, who just can't stop seeking for another special piece, for the satisfaction & opal lovers around the world !!!

Just keep trying, introducing beautiful, 
rare Australian opals.
That's my joy and mission !!! 

Quality like this is ONE AND ONLY.

Australian black opal & boulder opal is not only unique and beautiful, it's precious and irresistible  (><) !!!

Australian black opal  -  Lightning Ridge 
is the only place to find.

Australian boulder opal  - 
Queensland (Quilpie, Winton, Opalton) 
is the only place too ... 
for the quality.   ^^

There's not much to say.
You can be the judge, when seeing our collection online.   ^^

xxxx   Malayvone

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