Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I am not perfect ... but still 'pretty special' !!

Australian opal, especially black opal is 'very rare' ...
So rare that an opal loose like this 318K 
( showing sand spots and potch lines on its surface )

will still be high priced due to its large size, desirable shape, bright colors, high play of color and dark body tone.

For more to view, check it on YouTube


Another piece of black opal loose like this is super pretty !!!

However some buyers may say it's not so perfect due to its light body tone and unique shape,
difficult shape to set into jewelry, etc. 

Often offered by much lower price many year ago 
but not the same case today.

This black opal (semi black opal) is beautiful for its clean face, flashy pattern, strong character and large carat size, vivid colors and the color combination, its unique shape can add a bit of value for some jewelry designers!

View its prettiness on YouTube


Selecting Australian black opal can be difficult and time consuming, as they don't come around easily and the price is often high, a bit higher than what many 
people can imagine anyway.

Also since it's so precious, there's no other piece to replace 
if you miss out a chance to buy one ...

A perfect piece of black opal or not so perfect,
it all depends on how you think and see it.

I guess it's really important that you take time to examine each piece of opal and consider carefully by seeing many more and study more before you decide to buy one. 

That way, you'll love this gem for a long time.

Money can not replace its beauty, guaranteed !!!

Enjoy beautiful collection of top black opals.

xxxx    Malayvone

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