Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lightning Ridge, here I come !! ^^

Another excitement ahead !!!
Visiting Lightning Ridge (N.S.W - Australia)  - home of the black opal  (^^)

For those who's not familiar with this town, 
please check out 


Loving this place for the smile, friendship, passion and more.
Tony (left) and Ken (right) ... 
true legend in black opal mine, 
they own a PUB called 
the Sheepyard & the Hilton !

Successful opal miners do not show their wealth, they just drink a bit more than others, haha.


Just hoping to find more 'top quality' black opals 
at Lightning Ridge for my new creations, beautiful opal jewelry and unique artworks. 

And enjoy a bit of party with friends & colleagues. 
Maybe drink a little more  ...

Anyway, can't wait to go home, 
visiting family in Gold Coast!

As well as seeing friends in opal mines  -  
Lightning Ridge & Quilpie & Winton.

Need more time but I shoudn't ask for too much ...
Life is already TOO WONDERFUL !!!

xxxx    Malayvone

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