Saturday, June 22, 2013

New "Australian Boulder Opal Looses" !!!

Hello from Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia !!!
It's winter, it's cold but we have plenty of sunshine here
... I love living in "Gold Coast"   (^^)
Now, to warm myself up, I have some new faces in our store ♪
See this beautiful Solid, Australian Boulder Opal
Loose Stone from Winton Field (Queensland) ??!?
So sweet, the color combination resembles "LOLLIES".
I just want to put it in my mouth, hahaha!!
See  -  Opal Direct's online shopping site :

And then, this piece - another quality Boulder Opal
Loose Stone from Queensland, Australia.
It's so firely ... just staring at it makes me feel so
"HOT" and "PASSIONATE" !!!
Anyone would like to have a "fire dance" with me, right now??!?   (^^;)
Lovely oval shape, meaning easy to set into any design too!!
Check out more from the link below ...

And ... this piece !!!!
The photo here might now show its actual unique shape
but if you click on the link below and see more pictures ...
You'll just LOVE it, guaranteed    (^^)
Its "MOUNTAIN IMAGE" -  is incredible.
An opal cutter must have so much trouble getting
this piece right, took a lot of time to finish it up and
I believe the get cutter's skill shows when it comes to
handling an opal like this ... Not me, thanks ...
this type of rock is just for a "patient gem cutter" !!
Well done !!!!!!!!!!! 
Love it ... and guess what,
the price is "RIGHT" !!
Well, for those who missed out on seeing our new babies ...
too bad. And those who's quick enough to make
actions purchasing it, you are a true WINNER !!!!!!!
Have a wonderful Saturday night, everyone.
Take care.

xxxx      Malayvone

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