Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BLUE SKY OPAL ... http://www.opal-direct.com/products/ODD1430.html

Good afternoon from beautiful GOLD COAST,
Another day, another BLUE SKY ...

If you are visiting Surfers Paradise or heading to the beach,
please feel free to come into our showroom,
located in Orchid Avenue,
The Centre Of Surfers Paradise City.


A pleasant day like this reminds me of my favorite Boulder Opal Loose Stone ... (see attached link here)
One of our customer online is considering
to select it for an "engagement ring"
and she's always loving turquoise blue / green color ...

I think if she understands how beautiful Gold Coast is ....
She'll always see our beautiful beaches,
fresh air, blue sky and tranquil mountain is !!!
Love this weather in Gold Coast,
the climate is just perfect lately and our
opal collection is 100% sparkling,
waiting to be touched by you ...

Whatever your plan for today is, please think of this
lovely BOULDER OPAL ...
Its colors, soft natural shape, vividness and its
extraordinary beauty inside & out!!
Gorgeous sunshine today, just like this piece !!!!
xxxx     Malayvone

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