Wednesday, February 20, 2013

☆ My Favorite Cafe ☆

Hi, everyone! (^o^)/

How are you?

Let me introduce my favorite cafe,
it's very popular among local people everyday キラキラ デコメ絵文字



The place is called "Madam Tojo Cafe" コーヒー デコメ絵文字
sometimes I go there for lunch.

Madam Tojo is in Chirn Park

It's a very FUNKY cafe
Please look at inside....


How do you think?

The interiors are classic French style,

very relaxing atmosphere there ニコちゃん*花デコメ絵文字

My recommended drink is this ......


Guess What??? ~(・・?))(((;・・)?

This is a Lemon Glass Tea 猫 お茶 マッタリ デコメ絵文字
☆☆☆Highly recommended ☆☆☆

After relax, now i am thinking a new anklet design!
I can show you a little bit....プレゼント デコメ絵文字


This item will be introduced on our shopping site
bijew soon~
Please come & find your 1 & only ハートデコメ絵文字

Have a good day!
xxx Miyuki

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