Monday, January 21, 2013

7 points to choose the right opal

This is the ring we created, for a lady who was very new to Australian Opal when she contacted us at the beginning.
After she has browsed a lot of opal dealer's websites and done her good reseach, she finally chose Opal Direct.
It is really great that she actually understood what we are trying to do so hard with our honesty, because I know lots of gemstone dealers cheat on customers and trick you to just to make money.

As my boss always telling to customers on his website, when you select a good opal or gemstone, you have to be very careful and don't just purchase because "This will be 50% off!" or "The design is so cute!". Take a look closer and ask the questions as many as you want. You are about to have your life-time jewellery so don't waste your money on man-made or something with a trick.  

There is some tips to choose the right opal without confusion. When you click each sentence, you can jump to Opal Direct's website to read more instructions!!
  • POINT 1 Choose the right retailer (shop)
  • POINT 2 Choose the right sales person
  • POINT 3 Compare
  • POINT 4 Look at the back
  • POINT 5 Look at the side
  • POINT 6 Look at it under the sunlight
  • POINT 7 Look at it as a loose stone

  • Hope you select the right opal that you really love and enjoy it for the rest of your life!!

    Any enquiry? Please don't hesitate to contact us!!

    xxx Mayu

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