Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New!! Boulder Opal Beads Bracelet!!

They are really unique Queenslad Boulder Opal beads.
Each stone have different colours and patterns which make each designs very special.

Our hand-made jewellery brand "bijew" has just made a beautiful & original designs.

Using Queensland Boulder Opal as a center of the design, other natural gemstone beads like Lapis Lazuli, Tiger's Eye and Turquise give a spice to its style.

Beautiful combination of Boulder Opal and Rainflower stone. Very feminine looking and rich colours gives you appetite as soon as you see it.  Our best seller item!!

In this design, Australian Boulder Opal enhance its appearance brighter and happier!! Opal is known as a good luck gemstone, Yellow Jade is a symbol of 'concentrated essence of love'.
You can also see more hand-made accessory collection of bijew from here!!
Find your own "one of a kind" jewelry and nothing is more special than wearing a truly unique piece of true quality jewelry!!
xxx Mayu

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