Monday, November 12, 2012


BLUE  ...  It is the color of  'peace and tranquility'. Its cool, calming effect makes time pass more quickly and it can help you sleep well at night. 
Remember when we lie down on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky ... feeling so calm and relaxed? That's what this color does, helping both physical and mental relazation, reduces stress and creating a sense of peace ...
Also BLUE COLOR is known for trust, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and tranquil, doesn not like to make a fuss or a coflict ... so if you are seeking for a harmony in daily life, then wear something with blue !!!

This color represents 'confidence' as well, therefore when you carry a little charm or when wearing a lovely blue color accessory, your confidence will increase and your voice will be heard. Take a control & act fast when there is a chance!!

xxxx    Malayvone

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