Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Making an original ordered pendant top part2

On the other day, I have wrote
 Making an original ordered pendant top part1 .

Our jeweler worked really hard for making
the client's order perfect!!

And so, this is what it is!!


The Boulder Opal and  "skeleton" silver pendant top
got together really well!!!!

As Malayvone said on the other day,
this jewellery appeals who the wearer is and it is
"He is what he creates".

Vivid colours of Opal and a cool looking of this pendant
head matches extremely well and express its "Strength"!!

I am 100% sure that it would be loved for lifetime
and would always give wearer satisfaction by wearing
"a master piece" of himself.

Good gemstone or jewellery is not only for dressing up
or showing off, but also for appealing "who you are"!!

 xxx Mayu

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