Saturday, July 28, 2012

It girl!!

When you chose a good gemstone
for someone special,
you would like to give something PERFECT.

Today, I had a Chinese gentleman
who is looking for a Black Opal for his GF.

He has done his research in Opal very well
so that has a clear vision of what he wants.

His request was....

1, red colour
2, bright
3, oval shape
4, BLACK OPAL (not even Boulder Opal!!)
5, high dome
6, should be about 1carat but not over 2carat

Moreover, he has a badget of $1000.....

It took more than 1 hour to select one....
And we ended up with a beautiful and
PERFECT Black Opal!!!

Not only red but also so many other colours.
Price, shape and size are absolutely perfect!!

This is his IT girl :)

Visit !!

xxx Mayu

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