Saturday, June 16, 2012

Play of color on Black Opal

As you might know,
opals, especially Australian opals, have "play of colour".

Each opal can change its color depending
on the lighting or the way you look at.

 If you see 100 stones of opals,
you can find 100 different colours from them.
This is the main reason why opal is so unique
compared to other gems.

So, here it is!!!

On this Black Opal, you can see 2 completely
different colours!!

I took a picture from above.

You see so deep green colour, like the Earth.

Then, let's take a look from the front.

I changed the angle just a bit,
but its colour has ovbiously changed!!

Now, from the side. 

Blue, but not the same as the picture above.
I guess it shows a strong and bright blue!!

Again, only Black and Boulder opal from Australia
can show this interesting play of colour.

Did you enjoy its beauty??

You can see more to visit Opal Direct website.

Enjoy your day!!!

xxx Mayu

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