Sunday, April 15, 2012


Have a look at my "MAGIC TRAY" !!

Many customers who's visited our store always enjoy glancing at this displayed tray.

Its quality & beauty speaks for itself...
It's individuality and value shows from the moment you laid your eyes on this special collection.

My point?
Well, "beautiful things" need to be held and shown as much as  possible with a little help like...a good display and a good design! Of course the wearer will have to feel & be the same too.

How can one see what's worths more or less without the right gear?? Especially a tiny gemstone like this.

We're born to be different, to be special and to be remembered, so is all this gemstone!!! I hope my inspirations and designs can help you, enhancing your opal jewellery collection, as well as your glamorous life, hahaha...

xxxx    Malayvone    

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