Monday, March 19, 2012

Say "HELLO" to our NEW BABY...

Been waiting for this "RED"...

I am happy that our friend from 'WINTON OPAL MINE' has brought some new pieces from their opal mines in Winton this week. It can be called 'RED' depending on the lightings, but it would be best to describe this piece as an 'ORANGE RED'...(in my opinion)

What an exciting piece!

A clean face Boulder Opal Loose like this is already a rare find, along with its 'Electric Color', the vividness, the shape and its color change (Play of color) is so gorgeous. Lots of Orange, Gold, Red and Green...

Only those who can hold this piece in their hand will be lucky and happy... I can't wait to design something really special with its unique shape when my customer selects it.
Thanks to our good friend, who is working hard at the mine, digging tones of soil everyday!! "Good Work" indeed.

xxxx     Malayvone

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