Thursday, February 16, 2012

Solid or Triplet ?

Good afternoon!!

I found "a Poodle" in the sky!!!

Beautiful weather in Gold Coast.

Well, Have a look at the picture below.

One more.

To tell the truth,
Opals in one of the picture are all FAKE,
the other ones are SOLID.

Can you guess?????

Here is the answer.

Solid opals.

Fake opals called "TRIPLET".

If you are an opal lover, you should know what the Triplet is.

Triplet Opal is “Thin slice of precious opal glued between crystal cap on top and black backing.”

Therefore, it is not accepted as a gemstone because they are made most of plastic with very thin slice of white opal. Of course, the beauty doesn’t last forever.

It is really sad
many people get confused
between the quality and discount rates.

Please be able to ask
a question to a shop staff
before you purchase anything.

It shouldn't be expensive.
Water or strong lightings can make the colours fade.
No one can guarantee you that its quality last forever.....

Have a read more information from our website
and get smarter!!!

Have a lovely day xxx

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