Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year shoppings...

In Surfers Paradise, we are having the busiest season. Many tourists are everywhere who enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, nice relax feelings on the beach, having meals and drinks and shopping!!

We've been having a lot of customers from many many countries as well!
Thank you so much for visiting Gemstory, and happy for all of our customers that they found the opal they fell in love!!

As I've mentioned you many times, Black and Boulder Opal is just too hard to replace.
They never ever come in the same colour, shape or size.
It makes them very special, almost too special...
Recently, we said BYE to this fabulous Black opal...

What I like about this opal was amazingly large size (8 carat!!!!) with super bright and deep colours ( not only one colour but uncountable colours!!!!), its large pattern as well as  its desirable shape.

It would be one of the customer's exclusive collection, who had been looking for this opal for many years!! I am so happy for the customer and the opal too!!!

We still keep some pictures on the website so please enjoy its dramatic colours!!

Have a lovely day xxx


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