Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding out the truth in the jewellery shop

We are still in a bad weather.....

This morning, I took one of our loose stone outside.

I just wondered
how this opal looked like in the cloudy weather, no sunlight.

It still kicks its colour!!!!
 Can you believe it !?!?!? (Of course I can :) )

My boss always teaches me
that opals will show their actual quality under the natural light.

You might have this kind of experience.
You purchased a jewellery,
and when you came home
the  colour or brilliance of your jewellery
looked different from it looking in the shop.

This is because usuallymost of the jewellery shops
use very strong and close lightings to make their items look attractive.

So, we always take our customers outside
to show opal's true quality!!

Next time
when you see a jewellery or gemstone,
ask to a shop staff to take an item outside.

See under the sunlight or natural light.
Find out the truth...

You will spend your time and money wisely from now on :)

Visit our website
to read "HOW TO choose a good opal"!!

Have a lovely weekend. xxx

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