Saturday, December 10, 2011



Look who's new in Surfers Paradise !!!!
A Santa, with not much hair but has lots of bears & a big tummy.
Our staff (MAYU) has just found this new monument when passing the shopping centre yesterday...

SUMMER CHRISTMAS is what we'r e having in Gold Coast and it's famous that our Santa shows up with his surfing board as well as with his lovely summer shirt.
Oh, not to forget that he likes walking with his bare feets too.....

This Santa might have a reasonably big tummy but actually he is not so tall...only about 1M height !!
He is quite new in the area so if you are shopping in Surfers Paradise, please don't forget to visit and say "Hello" to him in Cavill Avenue (Pedestrian Walk...), right infront of Centro Surfers.

Have a nice weekend everyone !!
Make a wish when you see this santa    (^^) 

xxxx    Malayvone


  1. LOVELY santa :D haha

    x C

  2. Thank you Christina!! I saw your designs and outfits on your blig, beautiful works!!Keep it up and you will reach your dream:) So do I...x