Friday, November 11, 2011

It's " 11. 11. 11. " today !!!!!!

What a wonderful day today !!!!!!

Lots of people out there is cheering and celebrating a day like this.... but for what ???!    (^^,)

Well, I guess they are all celebrating a special numbered date like this for absolutely " NOTHING "......

You don't need to have reasons to make yourself happy sometimes... You just need to stay POSITIVE and go with a NATURAL FLOW, and I believe today can be a little special than yesterday, because today's number of the date is nice and even...     so here's how I am expressing my feeling of today!!

A flower from my garden (showing here..) relates to the color I see in this BLACK OPAL.

It's just reflects as "JOY & SUN LIGHT"....


xxxx      Malayvone

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