Friday, September 16, 2011


A little coversation I had with a friend from Lightning Ridge Field the other day...

" I'll show you my new babies (Black opals) from the Ridge "

" Well, this is gorgeous! How much is it? "

" For you it'll be only, ....  xxxx $ "

" You must be kidding!! xxxx $$ ???!!!?? "

" Ofcourse, what do you expect! I have to cover the cost of fuel, the lease, travelling fee and cost of maintaining the machinery!!! "

" I understand your point, but if the miner's cost is so high, I won't be able to mark up anything... I need to cover the rent, the over head and a little profit to keep going "

" Well, too bad. This is my price and if you say it is too high, then there won't be any miners finding opals for you in future... "

" I don't mean to offence you, but could you please try to understand today's market value and not to be too greedy on our prices? "

" It's your job to tell customers the situation in opal mines, and make them spend more money on quality Black opals!!!! "

"    ..........   "

That was how our conversation went for about 5 ~ 7 minutes, and my friend left without being able to sell any piece to me this time. It's a tough job to make everyone HAPPY in this business....and please understand that "Good Black Opals" don't come easily!!!

xxxx   Malayvone

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