Monday, September 26, 2011


Why not 'BLUE' or other colors, instead of 'RED'...  ??????!!!!!???

There are many opal admires looking for the best quality in Australian Black opal and often ask me for "RED ON BLACK".

Yes, I do understand that VIVID RED COLOR is extra-ordinary, very rare and special if it's RED ON BLACK!!!

It's just difficult to explain to some opal admirs that there are not many GOOD RED available today and that sometimes other colors like vibrant Blue or Green can be as precious as Red...

Yet, some customers would still refuse to see other colors because they were told (by opal dealers) that RED is the only color that has good value. Really??

Like a picture here "Solid, Australian Balck opal loose", this is a top range in BLUE / PURPLE on black body, and I can assure you it's extremely precious & beautiful !!!!!!

Only those who can touch this will be LUCKY and HAPPY, and soon they'll learn to understand or see how lovely other colors are available to invest.
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xxxx   Malayvone

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