Friday, September 23, 2011


I guess this can happen to any "GEM DEALER"...  
that you'll always remember your 'first love'.

This particular item (one of my original designed item) was created for the "OPAL JEWELLERY DESIGNER'S SHOW" to exhibit at Lightning Ridge many years (about 7 years?) ago.

The show went great, my designed item (showing above) was very popular and my item had been selected as one of the very best in the 'Professional category' among 110 other attended opal lewellery designers.

Right after the show, this item was sold to an American customer who's "felt inlove on her first sight" and I had some sort of mix emotions at the time of handing my new baby (K18 WG & Diamonds, Boulder Opal Brooch/Pendant) over to her!!!

I still remember how this opal changes its color, the heaviness of an actual item and the brightness of its face!

Anyway, just missing my baby today.....that's all.
Have a lovely Friday everyone.

xxxx    Malayvone


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