Saturday, August 6, 2011

Various colors and colors

Good Afternoon.

This is my favorite Opal in our store recently.

A lovely Solid Boulder Opal, 7.65carat.

Brilliant colors from red to purple are transforming on its surface, and they form a breathtaking pattern. In any direction, you will see the various color combination and contrast, such as strong red and gold, soft purple, sparkling blue and green as well as  waves of broad yellow and green colors.

Usually we look at a gem or a jewellery under the halogen lights which most jewellery shops have. For looking at an opal, it's good idea to look under different types of lights as much as you can. So what we suggest you do is look under the fluorescence lights, daylight or even under the shade. If you do this you may find another character of that stone.

We hope our information helps you to learn more about Opal.

Please contact us if you have any enquiry.

Thank you. Have a lovely weekend!


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