Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Please have a look at these two photos...
Do you see any connection between them at all?

Well, they are both just "BEAUTIFUL" to look at for sure and most important thing I'd like to point here is that they're both a "Natural Art" which can never be created again!!
The blue sky might look the same to some people, but infact they are not exactly the same. Today
might be a bit brighter, and tomorrow a bit deeper... so is this beautiful gemstone -OPAL!                             
One Black Opal loose stone might be just perfect like this picture, and another might not be as good... Only nature can decide what's there to be offered & what human being can enjoy. My advice for all of you is "ENJOY ITS BEST WHILE AVAILABLE" thus select the best quality when possible!!   
See if your day will be as beautiful as this "COLOR" my friend!

                                 xxx     Malayvone                                         

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