Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Amazing 'opal ring' !!!! ❤

Look at this !!!

A very creative jeweler made this ring !!!
Please see this site and you'll fall in love with every piece of his hand-made jewelry ... a true piece of 'ART' ❤

A jeweler originally purchased a boulder opal loose which we've introduced through online. We shipped an opal (check out its original shape & condition before it turned into this amazing opal ring!) to the US for a jeweler, and here it is.

Superb ring it became !!!!

High quality solid / natural, Australian boulder opal like this is only to be found in Queensland, its a unique, very bright colored opal of all.

Good job to 'metamorphosis design' !!!
I love it very much ❤

xxxx    Malayvone 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lovely Queensland 'pipe opal' (^^♪

Our new collection from Australia !!

Some lovely, high quality 
'pipe boulder opal specimen' from Queensland.

All shows high play of color, vividness, strong characters.  

Natural beauty is what you'll find in our new collection.

Love or Hate ?!?


To find more, simply check our website !!!!
Thanks   (^^)

xxxx      Malayvone

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bold and Beautiful ...

What can you describe from this lovely 'solid Australian boulder opal loose' ?!?

Some calls this a 'picture opal' ...
Others may call it a 'boulder matrix opal' ...

I would call it a 'gorgeous boulder opal' 
with uniqueness (^^♪


And the colors you see here ?!?

Vivid red !!!
As you know bright 'red color' in Australian opal is extremely precious.

Vivid Orange !!!
Orange color is actually as rare as red but not many people realize it though ...

Vivid indigo blue !!!
Top quality, electric blue does not come easy these days.

Vivid green !!!
A popular green color is always delightful to see and look good on skin.

Vivid pink !!!
What on earth ?!?
Too rare too hard to find in this color ...

Vivid violet !!!
Violet is the color for sophistication.


Also this opal shows 'rainbow color' on both sides, a bonus for you !!!

Interesting original shape, large face, strong character and best value ever. This beauty will make you happy when it's held in your hand. 

I love it !!!!!!


xxxx     Malayvone  

Friday, February 3, 2017

I love to draw !!!!

This is a precious, unique and very pretty 
gemstone no like others !!!

Natural Australian quality boulder opal 
usually comes in  :

Free shape,

Large size,

Vivid color,

Strong character,

Uneven surface,

Its beauty is incredibly fascinating.

And my mission is to treat this beautiful gemstone 
with extra love & care, turn it into something really special 
to wear as 'jewelry' and find the right home, 

as well as the right person who'll take 
a good care if it lifetime ...

I love drawing, draw with love and compassion, 
draw to create a wonderful thing which will share the happiness forever, to the whole wide world !!!!!


xxxx      Malayvone

Friday, January 20, 2017

Perfect for MEN & WOMEN's jewelry !!

Our new beautiful collection of solid Australian boulder opal loose stone ♬

This piece is strongly recommended for both MEN & WOMEN if making in a pendant.

If you clarify this opal as diamond ...   (^^)

Carat size  :  26.7ct

Color  :  Earthy Blue

Cut  :  Free Form

Clarity  :  Very clear and clean


When you're selecting an opal, the above point is crucial to follow but at the end of the day, your instinct and your personal taste is more important than anything !!

So, if you feel something towards this boulder opal loose, it means 'you like it' and there's a great potential that you have it and see it against your skin.

It might look more impressive & stunning more than you're expected.

See it, feel it and love it ... your satisfaction is always guaranteed !!

Here's more details & video  :

Hope you'll enjoy the video !!!!

xxxx     Malayvone