Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Opal Fever in Japan (^^)

Introducing Australian Opal all over Japan !!

Often, we participate in the 'Mineral Show' in Japan 
every month and it usually takes time 
and effort to prepare it all.

We carry and show opal rocks, opal rubs, 
opal loose stones opal specimens and opal jewelries for 
our clients who come to visit us at the show.  

Honestly, it is a hard work but when our buyer find something really special it is overwhelming and it makes us feel really proud & happy  ... 

High quality Australian opal is so special, 
it is something money can never replace and I am 
feeling LUCKY to be able to introduce this 
amazing gemstone to the world !!!

Love Australian opal, especially top range 
black opal & boulder opal ... it's bright, it's unique and it's really individually pretty!  

To understand what I mean, please find our 
beautiful opal collection from here, 

Hope your day will be as wonderful as 
our rainbow collection !!

xxxx     Malayvone  

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