Friday, August 26, 2016

Steal my heart with this opal !! (^^)

What a beauty !!!

I have accidentally found a 'HEART SHAPE' in this lovely boulder opal loose while taking photos and videos. 

Now available to see and buy online.

For more info   :

As you turn this opal loose, 
the color in the center changes dramatically from 
blue to vivid orange, gold, green, 
and at the same time, 
it shows an amazing the pattern of 
clear 'HEART'    


Never seen such lovely pattern as clear as this.

This boulder opal loose is ( of course! ) 100% natural 
so "money can not replace its beauty" ... 

You can see how bright the color is, 
its shape so pretty, 
very easy and smooth to set into a ring or a pendant 
right away, clean face, dark body ... 

Exallent value too !!

A popular color range  -  turquoise blue !!!

An "earthy color"  some may call this.

So .... who deserves this 'BIG HEART' ??!!?

xxxx     Malayvone

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