Thursday, January 28, 2016

One and only ... 'Solid, Boulder Opal' (^^)

One and only ...

And I really mean it.

If you think you're special and deserve the best in life, sure you'll understand what I meant, seeing this photo.

Australian top quality opal, especially 'black opal' 
and 'boulder opal' is something you can not walk pass 
when looking for a nice piece of jewelry 
that can make you happy forever !!

Of course it has to be 'real thing' though.

Unique, elegant, precious ...

Just like yourself or like someone who 
you think is really special 

So ...  Are you special ?!?

I truly love this Australian Gem, 
and I am proud of myself when wearing a 
stunning jewelry which only belongs to me.

One and only ...

It is definitely me !!!

xxxx       Malayvone


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