Friday, October 16, 2015

Souvenir from Lightning Ridge (^^)

As I've mentioned earlier, my partner and I went to Lightning Ridge a week before and it was another quick trip as usual.

Saw some friends who are still mining in the Sheepyard & Grawine field, digging non-stop and if they find one nice piece of black opal, they'd run to the pub and exchange it with some cold beers (haha) !!

If you think I am joking, just go and visit the mine and see it for yourself.
You'll understand what I mean ... and you'll probably want to join them for a drink & some laughters.

Love their spirit anyway !!!

Not much of luck ...
Although we could not find many quality materials at the field, we've managed to purchase some "Red On Black" in Lightning Ridge town.

Also there was one copy of this amazing opal book at Information Centre (A$45), we grabbed it and asked for more at the counter.

Unfortunately this copy seems to be the last one available. Pity, some buyers of ours would love to have it, if there's more available.  

Running and digging - enjoyed beautiful sunrise & sunset while driving. Had more beers after arrived back in our cabin

Just wished we could find more of a quality like this for our clients all over the world  ...  (^^)
Too rare, too dear.

Anyway, enough of my talk.
Cheers everyone !!!

Gold Coast is perfect today, not too hot or cold.

Love my life involving with 
beautiful Australian opals ...

xxxx    Malayvone

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