Thursday, October 22, 2015

NEW black opal & boulder opal for you !!

We have new, exciting, quality opals for you.
Finally  (^^)

Visiting opal miners in Lightning Ridge (N.S.W) and Quilpie (Queensland) has paid off our hard work. 

How great it was, when we saw some 
beautiful black opals like these ... 
right in front of our eyes !! 

Then this bright piece of red color, flashy pattern, 
what a beautiful black opal loose ...

And this vivid, ultra bright, black body black opal ...

Love its play of color, the depth, 
flashy collectible pattern, smooth, long oval shape, 
just 'perfect' for a stunning ring !!!

Some boulder opal is as exciting as top quality black opals.

You can not walk pass this rainbow color 
boulder opal loose, love its large, strong pattern 
and a lovely triangular shape. 

Any jewelry designer would be happy to work on this piece for its amazing character, its distinguished beauty and a perfect shape.

Not only 'red' will impress everyone. 

Look at this 'gorgeous' blue & green combination! 

So intense, so perfect in colors, 
easy to work on size, its ultimate and 
you just can't stop staring at it.

Another wonderful piece of boulder opal 
from Queensland, Australia.

We guarantee, you'll love all our collection!

New or old, 
it doesn't really matter !!

Super happy to be able to introduce new pieces like this  (^^) And more to come, just keep checking on our updates.

Some light body black opal (crystal opal, semi black opal, 
jelly opal, milk opal) is so affordable but still pretty to look at, so don't underestimate our beautiful opal collection.

Check it out on the web ...

xxxx    Malayvone

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