Saturday, October 10, 2015

More "opals with smiles" please !!!!!

Looking for more opals for our clients around the world !!!

The reality is harsh though ... 
Less quality black opal and boulder opal can be found today, and if there's one, the price tends to be much higher than you're expected.

 Our mission is to keep finding the right material, solid Australian opal for the right price, to the right person, in order to keep ourselves & our clients happy .

And the opal industry, of course!   ^^

If you check through our website, you'll fully understand what we meant by 'keeping every happy' ... 

The quality of opal is at its maximum and the price, can't complain, right ??!!?   ^^

Finding Australian boulder opal in Queensland (Quilpie, Winton and Opalton) is extremely difficult. 

And Black opal from Lightning Ridge is valuable, 
too rare and too dear ...

How can we work hard, closely with opal miners today is another task for the wholesaler like us. 

Always a big 'challenge' for us!
But loving what we do, haha.

Trying not to lose is a 'hope' and a 'big smile'  (^^)
That's the spirit within all OPAL LOVER !!!

Life is hard at opal mines, but
"Cheers!" my friend.

xxxx    Malayvone

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