Friday, June 19, 2015

Million $$$$ & Million years old "KANGAROO" from Australia - Lightning Ridge !!!

Look at this !!

If you're a genius, you'll see what I see !!!!

And if you're amazed to this million dollar art, created by the nature, you'll love it as much as I do !!!!!!!!!  

I went to see friends and associates at Lightning Ridge - home of the black opal - early this month.

Went to say hello to black opal miners at Sheepyard & Grawin (the best PUB ever!  lol) and tried to purchase as many quality opal looses as possible directly from the miners ...

Sadly, there was not much I could pick up at the time. Opal miners could not do much last month due to the rain and machinery breakdowns ... and NO OPAL was found, of course. 

Without much luck of purchases, I was a bit disappointed and was about to leave the mine empty handed.

Then THIS PIECE (OMG) turned up, 
right in front of me  (@ @) !!!!     

I knew I will always be LUCKY with opals.

This black opal loose made my whole trip to the ridge worthy and made my heart dance ... 

It's a KANGAROO PATTERN and I have never 
seen anything like this before.

Thanks to the opal miners who's constantly working hard, seeking for a miracle piece like this for us, for the world !!!

It's exciting, very unique and beautiful ... I love everything about this black opal, not just for its precious pattern but the shape, large size, brightness and its play of color 
(color change).

Hope you'll consider having it as your pet, 
haha !!!!    ^^

xxxx     Malayvone

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