Friday, August 22, 2014

Your "Favorite Opal" is ... ?!?

The following 5 images, 
all are Australian Boulder Opals !!!!!

Hand engraving Boulder Opal Skulls ... 
just the right feeling in hands  (^^)

A simple, hand set opal jewelry into a silver, 
very popular and common way to enjoy the beauty of 
quality, Australian Boulder Opals.

Sometimes, some opal lovers, men or women, 
it does not really matter, would like to enjoy its natural beauty by just hanging an opal against your bare skin ...

New way to enjoy Australian Boulder Opal 
for young & mature.

Some might just be happy to adore this gemstone 
by placing it on their desk, collection cabinet at home, carrying it around wherever they go ...

Stare at the beautiful, natural Boulder Opal Rock, 
day and night.   


Another opal lover might want to try and polish, 
showing its maximum best ... 
ready to set into a nice piece of jewelry or 
ready to be seen and touched, offered by the opal admire. 

Whatever your intention might be, 
the circumstances might be, you have all this different ways to enjoy natural Australian Boulder Opals.

Something can never be repeated,
so please select your 'favorite opal' wisely, 
while it's available !!!   

Study & see more 

xxxx     Malayvone

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