Monday, August 18, 2014

Black Opal Ring for a SPECIAL PERSON ...

Like this ring ?!?

The best way to show your appreciation, 
for someone truly beautiful, someone who's always by your side, the one who really cares for you ... 
like your "mother" (^^)

Looking to buy the real treasure for my mother 
was not an easy task, I must admit !!

She's my mother (haha) - meaning, 
she's a bit fussy, very particular and she won't give a compliment if you give her anything 
that's not 'right'...

Took me a year to find this amazing 
Platinum & Diamonds ring - with such vivid colored, 
solid Australian black opal from Japan last month !!!
YES, "from Japan", I said  

A great Japanese facebook friend, who happens to be a 'Diamond Dealer in Tokyo' had this 
black opal ring for years ... 

and was ready to release it just for me, under the 'right price' because the design, quality, ring size and everything, 
was "PERFECT" to my mother's image !! 

DESTINY - I call it ♪

First sight love, the moment I laid my eyes on this black opal ring, something just clicked and there I go, 
I was ready to pay for it and 
bring back to Australia with me
for my mother ♪♪ 

Did she like it ?!?

Well, you can be the judge - 
by looking at her smile here ...  

Another beautiful day in Gold Coast, 
another happy day for our family, and another day 
for us to look after online customers, 
the opal buyers who's looking for a beautiful piece 
of Australian opal, 
just like what I've picked for my mother !!!

Life is perfect, like today's blue sky... lol

xxxx     Malayvone

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