Friday, June 20, 2014

Australian Rainbow ...

Finding something you can fall in love with
 ... is not easy today.

Especially with Australian black opal & boulder opal 
in quality pieces, in natural forms.

It's tough because there's not many available, 
not like some other gemstones which can be found 
from all over the place ... 

Australian quality black opal & boulder opal is too rare,
rarer than you can imagine, if there's one, it's 
often not bright or clean enough like this.  

The reality is tougher than you think !!

And that's why we are here ...
Making your dreams come true.

Too see our new babies, please visit our website.

Just updated new boulder opals & 
the price is awesome !!!!

Gold Coast is beautiful like these opals ...   (^^)

xxxx     Malayvone


  1. New opal collection is now for SALE !!!
    Australian boulder opal from 'Black opal & Boulder Opal Specialist' - Opal Direct.

  2. Beautiful Australian black opal and its really very interesting to know about this type of stone!

    Ratna Sager is a family operated business group which made its entrance in world of jewels eleven years back in 2002.