Friday, April 25, 2014

Valuing Opals ...


Is really not easy, since opal comes in variety of colors, patterns, shapes and characters. Unlike any other gemstones! 

Often, opal comes with unique character like 
this beautiful 'blue & green' piece. 
A black opal with potch lines 
(black thin lines showing of its surface) 
can reduce the value but creates a unique character - therefore some opal admires is willing to pay more, 
if they like the 'LOOK' of it.   (^^)

Some understands that solid, Australian opal 
with vivid red colour is rarer than many other colours, 
but if other colours are more brighter and 
looks very attaractive to that particular person, 
it's the BEST to chose the piece they feel most 
comfortable with ... Red does not mean best, 
it's just a rare colour in general.

Do take time and learn more about 
'HOW TO VALUE OPALS' through our new page 
on the website. Thanks and good luck 
for your shopping !!!!!

xxxx     Malayvone

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