Monday, January 27, 2014

OPAL - Color meaning ♪

 Hello from beautiful Gold Coast.

Anyone believes in a 'FORTUNE TELLER' ?!?
Well, usually I don't  ... (^^) 
But sometimes it's fun to think what color
would suit you and the meaning of it.
Here is some samples ♪
  A naturalist would normally select this.
The meaning for green color is good health, lucky,
generous, harmony, envy, fresh, renew and vigor !!
It is also a symble of 'wealth' too...

  Always attracts people with this color!
Its meaning is tranquility, calms one's mind,
brings harmony in life, trust, confidence, security,
loyalty, very peaceful and cleanliness.
Perhaps BLUE is one of the most popular
color selected in clothing or gemstones!!?
Australian Opal - such as black opal & boulder opal
shows vivid sky blue / ocean blue color and they're
extremely popular amongst all buyers, hehe.   ^^ 

 Is not something you'd pick in general but in OPAL,
red or multi-color is quite special due to its rareness.
A busy color like this indicates success,
bravely and non-stop challenging!
You are ready to accept anything ahead of you
and not afraid of being 'different' ...
Does it sound like you or what??!

  Personally, I think this color belongs to ME  (^^) !!!
It symbolizes full of energy, passion, excitement,
desire, high speed (sounds a bit dangerous?), steamy heat, aggression, violence and lots of happiness & joy!!!
A very intense and passionate color so for some people,
it might be a little too risky, too much ...
Australian black opal & boulder opal with 'firely red color'
is considered one of the most high prized color of all.
Beautiful & Rare ♪♪

  Still many people are admiring soft colors like this today,
and its meaning for 'whitish color' will be
purity (are you pure?), simple, peace, youth,
huminity and innocence.
Often brings a good marriage, harmony and
helps with high precision.
Now you're ready to select one good opal for yourself
or for your loved ones  (^^)
Hope you enjoyed my COLOR theory!!!
***  Just for fun  ***
xxxx    Malayvone

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