Sunday, January 19, 2014

MIRACLE OPAL ... Boulder Opals ♪

Australian Boulder Opal ...
Exactly how much time, cost and effort
does one need to take just to find 'ONE PIECE' of
Quality Boulder Opal !!!!?
Well, it's harder than what you can imagine ...
I can meet & show you soon in Tokyo & Tucson Show !!

Driving to BOULDER OPAL FIELD like Winton,
it takes 2 days from my city Gold Coast -
the distance is almost 1,800KM one way,
in a HOT HEAT (lucky our car has A/C or else ...)
without any 'luxury views' ...
If you like wild animals such as Kangaroos,
Cows, Emus & Sheeps, you might
enjoy the drive a bit more than we do.         

Under the 'heat' and 'dusts' -
opal miners will have to get up as early as possible
and do as much digging as quickly as possible,
to avoid extreme heat, normally starts from about 2 or 3 pm !!
They work hard before anyone gets up in the bed,
and finish before the machinery breaks down
due to the hot temperature,
very, unbearable temperature ...

But the reality is - not many opal miners are lucky.
Working hard as they can, spends lots of time and money
to move their expensive machinery, praying to GOD,
hoping for the colors inside the rock ...
still 'NOTHING' to be found. 
The torture can continue for weeks,
or for months, no kidding !!! 

The only time opal miners would stop the machine
is when they are hungry, need to use the loo,
avoiding the MAX HEAT between 2 ~ 4pm
& when theycan't see anything in the dark ... 
Or when the machine dies.

Australian Boulder Opal like this is too precious -
much more rarer than many other gemstones.
That's why I love this 'rock' so much -
the rarer it becomes, the more pricy ...
That's the reality!!

Going to show with my beautiful 'RAINBOW COLLECTION'
in Tokyo & Tucson. Let me know if anyone is interested
to see our beautiful opal from
Lightning Ridge & Winton / Quilpie ♪♪

xxxx     Malayvone

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