Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AUSTRALIAN OPALS ♪ for the world ..

As you already know how much I love 'Australian Quality Opals' ...
I enjoy travelling abroad promoting this beautiful gemstone -

See how much strenght in color, the uniqueness,
the sophistication and the preciousness in this gem.
No other minerals would be as 'different' as
Australian Black Opal or Boulder Opal ♪   

When I have exhibitions or special events,
organized by clients / gem associates ...
I will take about 500 to 1000 pieces of
Black Opal & Boulder Opal Loose Stones,
all solid, high quality pieces
directly from Australia.
Preparing Import & Export documentations
can be costly, time consuming, need skills
and must follow the regulation.
Not many can pass Australian Customs Security
easily without doing the right thing ...
is trusted & still can survive in Opal Industry today.

I have been introducing Australian Opal
for the past 20 years with a great help of supporters
(Opal cutters, Opal miners, Opal buyers, Opal admires,
Opal designers, Opal Associates, Opal exporters, etc),
without their friendship and their understanding -
I would not be here today !!!  (^^)

mainly introduce 'cut & polished' Opals,
but sometimes we can provide special materials
like this 'rough opals' too. 
Feel free to make enquiries on anything,
to see if we can help you in future.
Nothing is impossible ... right ?!?

Well, my next move is to promote
Australian Lightning Ridge Black Opal & Boulder Opal
from Quilpie / Winton - Queensland ...
at TUCSON SHOW in Arizona.
Anyone interested to see me in Tucson Show,
get ready for drinks & party, hahaha !!!!
Another awesome weather in Gold Coast,
my beautiful city (^^)
xxxx    Malayvone

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