Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Christmas season & God bless you all !!!!

Hi from Gold Coast ... Just returned from Japan !!
We had a great cold winter and a spectacular
Mineral Showin Tokyo again, just enjoying
every moment of our trip & busy business activity -
introducing Australian Black opal & Boulder opal to all opal admire from worldwide this December  (^^)

Of course, visiting Japn can never exclude all the good food ♪♪
Sukiyaki, Japanese Noodles called 'Ramen' and many other beautiful & cultural cuisines over there ... If anyone has a chance to visit Japan - I promise you won't be disappointed when it comes  to 'great cuisines' for the best value !!!
The freshness, natural & healthy ingredients, largest variety of products, great value and perfect service, you can not complain at all, guaranteed   (^^)
Having stayed in Japan for about 3 weeks - busy working & meeting regular opal buyers ...
Time has passed so quick, by the time I realized,
I was already back in Australia (Gold Coast)
where the season / temperature was totally opposite from Japan !!! (><)

Yet ... somehow, I am still happy to be home ♪
Our Santa appears to be from the 'wave' instead of from the 'north pole' ... wearing a colorful beach shirt, wearing nothing, carrying a surf board  (^^)
A bit unusual, but this is Gold Coast's Santa Clause -
our life saver to be, ahahaha!!!
Merry Christmas everyone, lots of Love & Kiss from
xxxx    Malayvone 


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