Thursday, September 26, 2013


Many have seen stunning gemstones,
luxury jewelleries, rare minerals, but not like this "AUSTRALUIAN OPALS"
It's TOP of the range on earth!!!
OPAL ...
is an amazing Australian History!

Another kind of rainbow, rain forest, magna,
turquoise ocean, blue sky, flower garden, paint pallet,
jewelry box, you can imagine just about everything around you, when looking at this unique gem!!! 
The secret of colors and patterns can be
revealed from the link here ... 

Not only "gorgeous scenery" it inspires you,
but the "life" in each every piece ...
When you touch and move opal,
its color & pattern changes dramatically!
The more you glance at this gemstone,
the more you'll fall in love with it, guaranteed ♪
No other gemstone has a PLAY OF COLOR like 
Australian Opal, Lightning Ridge Black Opal
is best of the best !!! 

Top opals ...
That's what we are offering you.
Find the piece for the right price is a bit harder than you think ... but if you're dealing with us, your satisfaction is all
( Here is our online shop you can locate )

Gold Coast, Australia, it's warm again!!!
xxxx    Malayvone

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