Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Favorite City - Las Vegas !!!

This is where I have been and what I have seen
in the US, the last few weeks.
Just like a "Jewel Box" right?!?

Looking at the view from my hotel room
this 56th Floor has so much to offer for sure !!!

What would one do when you're in Las Vegas ??!!?
Well ... what would one NOT do, w
hen you're there !!!!  (^^)
Unstoppable noise, neon lights, amazing night shows,
everyone is betting in casino, beautiful buildings
and boutiques, late night shopping ...
You seem to forget the time anf your budget,
when you're in Las Vegas ♪♪

And of course, not to exclude that the restaurant,
24 hour night clubs and drink bars are "too many" to choose from.
 One of my favorite dining place in the hotel will be
definitely "WICKED SPOON - Buffet".
Check this link out, you will love it!

Anyway, too many things to do, too little time to enjoy ...
too many seductions and never enough cash to gamble (^^;)
Visited many hotels, everywhere you went, you feel 
absolutely GORGEOUS !!!
The city of Las Vegas never sleeps,
I happened to pass & managed to say "hello" to
Lady Gaga when walking back to my hotel.
She looks amaging and more friendly than I thought. No wonder she's TOP OF THE WORLD  (^^) lol

I love my city - GOLD COAST too,
but just clarifying that seen more and doing more
in life is also beneficial in every aspect.
True or not ??!!?? 
Las Vegas - you should all go there once ...
xxxx    Malayvone

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