Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to buy OPAL ?!?


How can you see the difference between 'REAL' and 'FAKE' 
when buying opals or even any other gems?
Well, it's very hard to say, so please read
attached information here ...

Many gemstone dealers will try and use
'unfamiliar words' to explain,
when they're sersuading you to buy one.
But how much can you really understand
what they're saying??
It would be best that you go around, touch and see
more than a million piece of gems, then you may not
make mistakes in SELECTING ONE  (^^;)
Of course, it's impossible to do that ...
Life is too short !!!
That is why it's important to learn ... Please read this.
Four images I am showing in this particular BLOG ...
Can you tell which image is
(if you guess it right, I have to kiss you on a cheek, haha!!)
Anyway, the point here is that gemstones are very tricky
when it comes to "How to buy the right one" ...
If you know that your opal is not 100% natural,
just partially real & you're happy with it,
sure I have nothing against your pick.
Only if you do not want to be tricked by those who's 
selling opals to you, it's always better to learn first!!!
Australian Opal - especially Black Opal &
Boulder Opal is so rare ... increasing values.
We are here to guide you to the right path, i
n how to select good opal without making mistakes!!
Gold Coast is beautiful today ♪♪
xxxx  Malayvone

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