Sunday, August 11, 2013


Only this gemstone - a "picture opal" can offer you
an art, that will never be created !!
Here is what I see from this form of "ART". 

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Look how vivid red, orange, golden orange,
whatever your imagenary is ...
Day has ended and it's night time now. But hang on!!
Not quite yet ...   

If you look at this SUNSET from different angles,
your day may be saved and you can still find time
to do things you have not accomplished today!  

This is an extraordinary gift !!!
It is a forever art, an energy from earth,
a story if love & joy, 
and a beauty that makes other envy you ...
Australian Opal Jewellery is such
"BEAUTY"  ♪♪  

Being a Jewellery Designer,
exclusively for Australian National Gemstone -
OPAL, makes me feel privilege,
very proud and unique, as there's
not so many out there who can comprehend
the characteristic of this gemstone !!!   

OPAL is too special and everyone should know that  (^^)
Gold Coast is pleasant again!!!
xxxx     Malayvone

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