Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Australian ... is wonderful !!!

Australian Boulder Opal Specimen ...
Whether you LOVE or HATE this, it is very popular
amongst all "opal collector"
who's seen many opal rocks around the world !!! 
Some may collect or buy it for personal reason,
some will see more beauty & investment value
in this piece of rock, and others will try to
cut & polish to find what's deep inside
(and may regret, hahaha!!) ...
As for myself, I would just like to keep and use 
it as "paper weight".

Australian Black Opal ...
If it's colorful and precious quality like these little ones,
I'd rather price them all, set into beautiful
"opal jewelley" and make living out of it !!!  (^^)
Sounds unromantic?!?
Well, knowing how rare and popular Australian Black Opal,
as well as quality Boulder Opal is in today's market,
you can not waste any opal ...

Australian Designers Jewellery ...
That's why people like myself would like to
sit down and work on this amazing gemstone -
National Gemstone of Australia, try to complete it
in a different style so that opal admires or 
gemstone admires will have more chance to
see & enjoy Australian Opal.   

Our Original Designs ...
For more information, please see
and learn about Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal ♪
This guys truly are AUSTRALIAN !!!
Another beautiful day in GOLD COAST
and hello from Australia !!

xxxx       Malayvone

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