Sunday, June 9, 2013

Too "PRECIOUS" ...

Hello from Surfers Paradise !!!
Not many have seen opals been introduced in a RAW MATERIAL, so here you are ... Above image is a rough opals from Lightning Ridge - BLACK OPAL !!!
Even when opal have not been cut & polished,
you can easily tell which piece is worth more, 
more colorful or beautiful than other pieces.

That's why opal is a bit unique right from the start.

Sure you may already know that
Opal is a "LUCKY GEMSTONE" and no other
gemstone can match its beauty!!!

Money can not replace it unlike other gemstones ...
If you think you deserve something really special, beautiful and precious, you can never walk pass this gemstone ... Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal is best of the best.

Find our rainbow collection from here ...
Gold Coast is a bit cooler at night time, and if you're visiting from other cities, please don't forget to bring a jacket, just incase!!! G'night my friends ...

xxxx      Malayvone

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