Monday, June 17, 2013

So long my lovely "second home" ...

It's been 10 years since we've opened our retail space
in Surfers Paradise District.
The very "EXCITING" 10 years I must admit ...
Lots of dramas (usually good), laughters, joy of tears and unforgettable memories
we shared with our beautiful shop staff
& our customer!! 
But that will come to an end, because we
have to move on when the Lease Contract
finishes this month. (- -;) 
Well, one page is ending here and another page is
just about to open, that's all !!! 

The business will stay running even without
our retail space. Now that we can concentrate
on more things such as exporting & wholesaling
to Japan, as well as to other markets.
With more time at my new office (my home) 
I can design new products for our
new customer and so on ...  

Just can't tell enough how much I appreciate all my shop staff, friend and regular customer ...
To those who's been supportive since year 2003.
Without you, we wouldn't get this far and be here today so "THANK YOU" sincerely.

I remember my very first item ( K18 Diamonds -
Solid Australian Boulder Opal Pendant )
I have designed for my USA customer in 2003 ...
Sending this item to USA was not easy due to the
 limitation of insurance value and all the rule
I was not very familian with, back then ...
Anyway, customer received it after waiting for
several weeks and how happy she was,
she called me from CA just to say "thank you"!!
This piece is special, is still one of my memorable item, hehehe ... (^^) 
Stay in touch, cheers!!
xxxx      Malayvone 


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