Wednesday, May 29, 2013

☆★ 10th Anniversary ★☆

Hello everyone ♪
It's already end of the month,
 Time flies sooo quick !!!
I know that's why I'm enjoying this special month.
What's special ???
Now, I am happily to inform you that
Gemstory Pty Ltd. 
is having the 10th anniversary in this May.

Words aren't enough to "thank you" for  ALL OF YOU,
who always love our beautiful Australian Opal,
support us everyday,
Opal miners who have been putting their heart into
this precious gemstone.

Also, we are now on
 ☆★☆ 10th Anniversary Sale ☆★☆
 Offering for May only.
It's the biggest chance for everyone to get
 precious Black & Boulder Opal
 in very affordable price!!!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business.
Visit our retail shop in Surfers Paradise & website.
☆ Opal Direct ☆
★ Gemstory HP ★
Have a lovely day.
xxx Noriko

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